Route 53 Quiz

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You have been tasked with architecting an application in AWS. The architecture would consist of EC2, the Classic Load Balancer, Auto Scaling and Route 53. There is a directive to ensure that Blue-Green deployments are possible in this architecture. Which routing policy could you ideally use in Route 53 for achieving Blue-Green deployments?

A. Simple

B. Multi-answer

C. Latency

D. Weighted

D. Weighted
AWS Documentation mentions that Weighted routing policy is good for testing new versions of software. And that this is the ideal approach for Blue-Green deployments. Weighted routing lets you associate multiple resources with a single domain name ( or subdomain name ( and choose how much traffic is routed to each resource. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, including load balancing and testing new versions of software.
For more information on Route 53 routing policies, please visit the following URL: is recommended to use only when you want to route traffic randomly to multiple resources, such as web servers, you can create one multivalue answer record for each resource and, optionally, associate an Amazon Route 53 health check with each record.However, in our case, we need to choose how much traffic is routed to each resource (blue and green). For example, Blue is currently live and we need to send less portion of traffic to Green, to check everything works fine. If yes, then we can decide to go with Green resources. If no, we can change the weight for that record to 0. Blue will be completely live again.

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