Storage Gateway Quiz

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Your company would like to leverage the AWS storage option and integrate it with the current on-premises infrastructure. Besides, due to business requirements, low latency access to all the data is a must. Which of the following options would be best suited for this scenario?

A. Configure the Simple Storage Service.

B. Configure Storage Gateway Cached Volume.

C. Configure Storage Gateway Stored Volume.

D. Configure Amazon Glacier.

C. Configure Storage Gateway Stored Volume.
AWS Documentation mentions the following:
If you need low-latency access to your entire dataset, first configure your on-premises gateway to store all your data locally. Then asynchronously back up point-in-time snapshots of this data to Amazon S3. This configuration provides durable and inexpensive offsite backups that you can recover to your local data center or Amazon EC2. For example, if you need replacement capacity for disaster recovery, you can recover the backups to Amazon EC2.
For more information on the Storage Gateway, please visit the following URL:

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