Simple Maven Project

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In this tutorial we will deploy a simple java project using GItHub, Jenkins & Tomcat EC2 Server

Before you start:

  1. Make sure you have Jenkins installed, here the reference link
  2. Make sure you have pushed java code to your git repo, here the java code
  3. Tomcat Server up and running, here the reference link
  4. Jenkins up and running with git, maven & deploy on container plugin installed
    1. Configure Git Plugin On Jenkins
    2. Install & configure Maven build tool on Jenkins
    3. Install Deploy on container plugin on Jenkins
  5. Make sure you stored tomcat credential in global credential of Jenkins, here the reference link

Jenkins Part:

  1. Login to your Jenkins Dashboard and click New Item
  2. Enter an Item name
    Select Maven project
  3. Under Source Code Management
    Select Git & input your jave program git repo URL
  4. Under Build
    Select Maven
    Goals and options: clean install package
  5. Select Post-build Actions
    Input the path of you jar/war package: **/*.war
    Credentials: Select tomcat credentials, which has to be stored in global credentials (UID: deployer, PWD: deployer)
    Input your tomcat server IP address/URL
  6. Your job is ready, select your SimpleMavenProject Job
    and click on Build Now
  7. Once successful check your application by browsing tomcat EC2 URL


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