Schedule and manage the creation and deletion of EBS snapshots using Lifecycle Manager

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  1. Create an EC2 instance, please refer this link for help
  2. Select your EC2 instance and put a tag, since Lifecycle manager work best when EC2 is tagged properly
  3. Now from left navigation panel go to Lifecycle Manager
    Create Snapshot Lifecycle Policy
  4. Input following:
    1. Description: Add description intended to help to find policy
    2. Select resource type: Volume (If you want to create snapshot of only EBS volume of an EC2 instance) or Instance (If want to create snapshot of all EBS volumes attached to an EC2 instance)
    3. Target with these tags: Now here use tags which we used in Step 2 on this demo, so any instance or EBS volume with specified tag lifecycle manager will take snapshot of it
    4. Lifecycle Policy Tags: This tag helps to identify your policy
  5. Next, is to tell when to take snapshot and how many snapshot to keep
    1. Schedule name*: Name of your choose, it can be keep Snap_daily_every2_7days
    2. Run policy every: Define interval of policy that after how much it will snapshots
    3. Starting at: When will start taking snapshot
    4. Retention type*: It can count (how many number of snapshot to keep) or days (how many days need to keep snapshot)
    5. Retain: Value of above selection
  6. Naming of snapshot: this section help you to tag name or label to snapshot created snapshot
    Timestamp can be ideal tag
  7. Say Create Policy and you are good to go snapshot will start getting created

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