Redshift Quiz

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A company is using a Redshift cluster to store their data warehouse. There is a requirement from the Internal IT Security team to encrypt data for the Redshift database. How can this be achieved?

A. Encrypt the EBS volumes of the underlying EC2 Instances.

B. Use AWS KMS Customer Default master key.

C. Use SSL/TLS for encrypting the data.

D. Use S3 Encryption.

B. Use AWS KMS Customer Default master key.
AWS documentation mentions the following:

Amazon Redshift uses a hierarchy of encryption keys to encrypt the database. You can use either AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) or a hardware security module (HSM) to manage the top-level encryption keys in this hierarchy. The process that Amazon Redshift uses for encryption differs depending on how you manage keys.

For more information on Redshift encryption, please visit the following URL:

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