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A company planning to move to the AWS Cloud, wants to leverage its existing Chef recipes for configuration management of its infrastructure. Which AWS service would be ideal for this requirement?

A. AWS Elastic Load Balancer

B. AWS Elastic Beanstalk

C. AWS OpsWorks

D. AWS Inspector

C. AWS OpsWorks
AWS Documentation mentions the following to support this requirement:
AWS OpsWorks is a configuration management service that helps you configure and operate applications in a cloud enterprise by using Puppet or Chef. AWS OpsWorks Stacks and AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate let you useChefcookbooks and solutions for configuration management, while AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise lets you configure aPuppet Enterprisemaster server in AWS. Puppet offers a set of tools for enforcing the desired state of your infrastructure, and automating on-demand tasks.
For more information on AWS OpsWorks, please visit the following URL:

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