Getting a SSL certificate from AWS Certificate Manager

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  1. Make sure you have domain name booked for doing the lab, if not please follow this lab to get a free domain
  2. Go to ACM, from service menu
  3. Click on Request a public certificate
  4. Enter your domain name to which this public certificate would be allocated to
  5. Confirm & Request
  6. Confirm
  7. Click on DNS validation, this basically is to confirm ownership of domain name which you entered in previous step
  8. Download the DNS configuration file, you would need to make this DNS record entry on Freenom or which your domain is hosted on
    Click on Confirm

  9. Now under freenom go to My Domains from menu
  10. Click on manage Domain
  11. Click on Manage Freenom DNS
  12. Now input the CNAME record which you received from ACM and save changes
  13. Under ACM after sometime you will see your certificate is ready use

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