Configure WebJobs in Azure App from Azure Portal

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WebJobs is a feature of Azure App Service that enables you to run a program or script in the same context as a web app, API app, or mobile app. There is no additional cost to use WebJobs.

Supported file types for scripts or programs

  • .cmd, .bat, .exe (using Windows cmd)
  • .ps1 (using PowerShell)
  • .sh (using Bash)
  • .php (using PHP)
  • .py (using Python)
  • .js (using Node.js)
  • .jar (using Java)

Create a continuous WebJob

  1. In the Azure portal, go to the App Service page of your App Service web app, API app, or mobile app.
  2. Select WebJobs.
  3. In the WebJobs page, select Add.
  4. Use the Add WebJob settings as specified in the table.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The new WebJob appears on the WebJobs page.
  7. To stop or restart a continuous WebJob, right-click the WebJob in the list and click Stop or Start.

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