Cloudfront Quiz

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Your company is utilising CloudFront to distribute its media content to multiple regions. The content is frequently accessed by users. As a cloud architect, which of the following options would help you improve the performance of the system?

A. Change the origin location from an S3 bucket to an ELB.

B. Use a faster Internet connection.

C. Increase the cache expiration time.

D. Create an “invalidation” for all your objects, and recache them.

C. Increase the cache expiration time.
You can control how long your objects stay in a CloudFront cache before CloudFront forwards another request to your origin. Reducing the duration allows you to serve dynamic content. Increasing the duration means your users get better performance because your objects are more likely to be served directly from the edge cache. A longer duration also reduces the load on your origin.
For more information on CloudFront cache expiration, please refer to the following link:

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