Building a Maven project using AWS CodeBuild

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  1. Before we start building our java code we need to complete following pre-req:
    1. Create a S3 bucket, this will be used to store our java source code, download from here and upload to S3 bucket
    2. Create one more S3 bucket for storing artifact of Java build
  2. Setting-up CodeBuild Project
    1. Navigate to CodeBuild from AWS service menu
    2. Click on Create Project
    3. Input a Project name of your choose
    4. Source, S3 bucket created in Step 1.1 which contains our source code so select the same
    5. Buildspec is part of zip file in our S3 bucket
    6. Environment, this will be Ubuntu since we need a linux machine in backend to build our package
    7. Under artifact select the S3 bucket created in step 1.2, this will hold our builds
    8. Cloudwatch logs will ingest the logs of our build progress
    9. Click Create build project
  3. Now, lets create a build of our project
    1. Navigate to CodeBuild service and select the Build Project
    2. Click on Start build
    3. Click on Start build
    4. Once the build process is success
    5. Artifact will be saved in S3 bucket

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