AWS Security Best Practices for IAM

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What are the steps to flow to secure IAM According to Security Team.

Important Steps to Follow

  1. Ensure that use email address as IAM User
  2. Make sure NO Access key will be created for individual IAM User. You can use Service Account instead.
  3. Ensure that passwords should be complex and need to be minimum 14 char(one uppercase,one lowercase,one number,at least one non-alphanumeric character)
  4. Ensure that Admin team will provide temporary auto generated password for NEW User.
  5. User needs to change password during first time login to the aws console.
  6. Ensure that Unused AWS Accounts need to be deleted.
  7. Ensure that MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) need to be enable.
  8. Ensure that IAM User access key shoud be Rotate every 90 days.

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